We work from global and international data that are as broad and detailed as possible. We built a methodology capable of allowing a quantitative and qualitative approach, from a critical perspective.


We cooperate in an international network of researchers, multicultural and multilingual, in order to open perspectives for the deepening of different perspectives


Theoretical and empirical advances are the work of team. The group is open to receiving new researchers, check on this page


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Working virtually during the pandemic

World Work Values Task Force

Constant and fluid communication is essential to allow research progress and debate.

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Article approved for publication questioning the exploration rate equalization hypothesis
comparing methods for reducing complex and simple labor from the World Database of Labor Values

Topics we cover

World Labor Values Matrix

Opportunity to collaborate with researchers on topics such as unequal exchange, prices and values, exploitation, skilled labor, profit rates, international division of labor, industrial reserve army, with a perspective of more than two decades.< a href="missions.html" class="button alt small btn-info">Read more...

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The articles published in recent months: methods of reducing complex and simple work. We update the news on our publications page automatically, using Mendeley (join us) and also on our blog . There are also updates of our work on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. See the links at the bottom of the page.

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